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Wellness Explained

Move over Bikini, Wellness has arrived! A ‘Lower Body Dominant’ woman’s dream come true— The highly anticipated Wellness Division, defined by NPC News Online as a physique as having, “…more body mass in the hips, glutes, and thigh areas. The upper body is developed but not to the same degree as the lower body.” Glutes, with the legs to go with! Who wouldn’t love this category? Fans and athletes alike have been demanding the division come to America, and their wishes have been granted thanks to Jim Manion, IFBB President, finally giving into his colleagues and athletes pleas. Get to squatting ladies, because these women are bringing in some massive quads and hammies! Check out NPC News Online to see some official photos from the Arnold Amateur South America where the top Wellness Competitors came and proved that they are here to stay.

Many critics have argued that the most prestigious bodybuilding stage has been doing just fine with bikini, figure and physique, so why bring in a new division now? It was for good reason, J.M. Manion, the official photographer of NPC News, argues. IFBB President, Jim Manion, finally decided to bring this division to the U.S.A by 2020 because the demand had become to great to ignore. In an interview from RX Muscle, J.M. Manion said, “…I was just at the Arnold South America in Sao Paulo, which was the largest amateur event ever in South America …607 hard athletes, …93 wellness competitors— mind you, the wellness won nothing but a crown.” This proved to Jim the new division’s popularity, after all, it was only a few years ago that the ‘booty queens’ took to the stage and despite its newness, gained a huge following.

Since the new division proved its prevalence in South America, the U.S. can expect it to take off as well, with the first of the sanctioned shows still TBA, but you can count on it being at a regional show somewhere n 2020. What do you think, will Wellness come to an NPC national stage or will athletes have to compete overseas to earn their pro card? Catch our next Newsletter covering the NPC and IFBB’s latest news. To keep up with more recent news and updates, visit our blog page.

- Jade Tice

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