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It’s time to talk about one of the biggest elephants in the room not talked about when it comes to the fitness industry. I compare it to sleep-walking, basically just going through the motions. Once the trunks and heels come off, it takes merely a few days for everyone to realize that they are not as hard or lean as they looked in the contest pictures. It is very natural to experience post-contest blues that could bring your spirits down, especially for first-time competitors. It is a huge blow to your motivation. Therefore, it is important to learn what can help you keep those post-contest blues away.

It is unfortunate how people are not very open about discussing the rollercoaster of emotions they experience following any figure, fitness, or bodybuilding competition. It could lead to utter unhappiness, self-doubts, and image problems once you are done with an impeccable journey of self-sacrifice and unmatchable discipline.

You have already put your body and mind through a lot with just one focus throughout. The moment you get down from that stage, you might feel exactly the opposite of what you were at the time of posing for the contest. While at one moment you feel like you rule the world, the next moment you are highly uncomfortable looking at yourself in the mirror.

Since the body goes through a number of chemical and physical shifts, it becomes difficult to deal with the onslaught of mixed emotions. The transition from the strict routine to a normal one can easily take a toll on anyone’s life. There are so many factors that contribute to your state. It’s time to address your insecurities and fight them!

Feeling Fat Seeing your body shift from being extremely shredded to soft could be an unacceptable, painful sight. Most of the time this is not the case and more than likely you are trippin! It becomes difficult to deal with it and this is where you need to remind yourself: YOU CANNOT DIET ROUND THE YEAR! Switch your mindset! The sooner you do this the easier the transition.

Binge Eating I get it. You’ve been dieting for while, but the food is going to be there 100 years from now, so take your time! After a course of strict routine of self-sacrifice and rules, things could take a wrong turn post-contest. Turning to binge eating just because you don’t have any rules to follow or to fight the depression you are facing will only make things worse. Your body has developed some habits and binge eating can totally mess up your metabolism.

Plan How You Want To Make That Shift Going in two extreme directions is what causes trouble. You don’t want to be sailing in two boats at a time. Make the shift slow, gradual and planned. Just like you implement the discipline in your life one-step at a time. Use the same flow to get back to your post-contest life.

Change Your Mind Set It may sound really repetitive now but you cannot stress yourself or your body to remain stage ready all year round. Get your facts right and prepare your mind for the changes you will be experiencing.

Social Media Stalking Not everything on the internet is reliable or true. Those shredded bodies they show off may only be one side of the picture. While the same habit can help you with your inspiration, it could have a negative impact on you if you continue doing it while your body is accepting the post-contest change. Stop reliving #ThowbackThurdays and #Flashback Fridays!

Find a Coach Find an inspiration, a living example! You need to work with someone who knows and has experienced post-contest blues. Only a person well aware of the rollercoaster of emotions can help you get out of that rut. Find a professional who does not only train you but tweak your mind to accept the changes positively. If you have a coach ask questions! Make sure there is a plan and you’re not left on your own. I don’t know many people who can eat the same foods for the rest of their lives, so ask if that’s a concern post show.

Take responsibility for your actions—It’s time to keep it 100 with yourself! Nobody is making you make bad decision, so if you made some mistakes dust yourself off and move on! We are not perfect; mistakes and situations will happen. It’s only when we start using those as excuses for making bad choices that we start sinking into a deeper hole. Enjoy the new journey ahead, and learn balance in life. Do this because one day you need to learn how to live with life after the stage lights are gone for good!

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