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Podcast: Contest Prep University – Feature: Competitive Or Competitor?

Sport psychology, mindset, attitude…is there a mental edge winners tap into for dominance? Listen in as Joe interviews coach Marques Caudle for his thoughts on the difference between being just a competitor or being competitive!

00:11 Difference between Competitor and Competitive Athlete 02:49 Bodybuilding is a Sport! 03:37 Marques’ experience earning his pro card 08:40 Importance of having an athlete mindset 13:11 How to motivate clients to keep going 14:49 Examples of an ideal competitive athlete 16:20 What is most key to a winning edge?

Joe Klemczewski, PhD, is the founder of The Diet Doc, LLC, (, co-founder of The National Academy of Metabolic Science (, former WNBF professional bodybuilder, and ANPPC World Cup Champion. He began the contest prep coaching revolution with his Team K Perfect Peaking program more than 20 years ago. After winning almost 500 pro cards, more than 150 pro titles, and 50 world championships with clients, Dr. Joe spends his time building coaches through NAMS certification program and The Diet Doc licensing program.

Marques Caudle, owner of Calibrated Training and Nutrition (Team CTN), has been in the fitness industry for more than 15 years, and has been competing since 2007. He is a contest prep coach and holds numerous nutrition and training certifications. Marques served active duty in the United States Air Force for 13 years, 11 of which were spent in 4 overseas countries where he competed and trained others. Those experiences and exposure abroad allowed Marques to build a worldwide client base. Marques has been trained and mentored as a Program Owner of The Diet Doc, LLC, by Joe Klemczewski, PhD, giving him a strategic advantage specializing both in general population health and personal weight loss as well as contest preparation services.



OUR OTHER PODCAST: THE DIET DOC LIFE MASTERY PODCAST: Kori Propst, PhD, and Joe Klemczewski, PhD, merge their voices to create life-enhancing conversations and content you can use every day. Together, Joe and Kori help hundreds of Diet Doc Program Owners build industry-leading nutrition coaching platforms around the world. Now they’re bringing their talent to a daily podcast where nothing is off limits. Motivation, nutrition, weight loss, career, relationships, fitness entrepreneurship, and even guest interviews and features are dissected and categorized for convenient listening or viewing.…

The Diet Doc exists for one reason: your optimal health. We’re willing to bet that the best version of you is lean, healthy, strong, athletic, and with a resolute mindset. Our staff of expert nutrition consultants, exercise physiologists, and counselors support clients around the world and produce life-changing content. We hope you will explore what we offer and look for our free videos and articles at

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