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Health Benefits of Earthing Aka Grounding

History shows us how humans have always been in direct connection with Earth, running and walking barefoot, sitting and working in sand, grass or dirt, as well as growing, planting and building objects using natural elements. In modern times, there is a barrier between humans and earth – paved footpaths, elevated buildings, plastic or rubber-soled shoes, and more.

This has severed our connection with the earth and its natural resources, which has eliminated or limited our exposure to natural antioxidants on the surface. Moreover, in this world filled with stress and competition, we are bombarded constantly with life hacks, like supplements, pills, oils, and more, to help us cope with stress, sleep issues and cure illnesses. In an attempt to enhance our life, many of us opt for these hacks in vain.

However, most of us are unaware of the natural means of enhancing our physical and mental health, called Earthing. An increasing amount of research has shown that reconnecting with Earth can actually provide us with many health benefits.

What is Earthing aka Grounding?

Earthing, also referred to as grounding, is connecting with the natural energy of the earth by walking on grass, ground, rock, or sand barefoot. Research has indicated that this connection helps in reducing fatigue, chronic pain, and many other health issues.

When your skin touches the earth, your body absorbs the free electrons. These electrons are known as the most effective antioxidant offered by nature that helps in neutralizing the damaging free radicals that result in health issues.

Health Benefits of Earthing

There are numerous health benefits of earthing, including the following:

Fighting Inflammation

A study has indicated that chronic inflammation is a major cause of most modern illness. Fighting this inflammation is one of the primary benefits of Earthing as it reduces the amount of excess free radicals.

The anti-inflammatory effect of grounding is because of the negatively charged electrons that are transferred from the earth into your body. These antioxidants neutralize the free radicals, which are positively charged, and as a result, decrease the inflammation in the body.


Earthing can be an effective therapy for individuals experiencing increased levels of stress, anxiety, fear, and panic. It can also help in relieving the autonomic dystonia symptoms, including dizziness, cardiac palpitations, and headaches.

Grounding encourages your body to switch to a relaxed or parasympathetic state, which balances the autonomic nervous system. As a result, your stress levels and depression decreases, and your mood improves.

Regulating Sleep Cycle

Earthing can also enhance your sleep quality. The negative electrons in the earth help in creating the internal rhythm in your body, which activates the circadian rhythm (sleep cycle).

A study found drastic improvements in the diurnal cortisol levels during grounding. This indicates that Earthing not just reduces the cortisol, but also helps in re-synchronizing the hormone secretions in the body to encourage natural circadian rhythm. The lesser the amount of cortisol in your body, the better sleep you will experience.

Other Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits of Earthing, including the following:

  • Eliminating jet lag

  • Reducing or stopping snoring

  • Shortening athletic activity or injury recovery time

  • Protecting your body from EMFs

  • Boosting the process of healing

  • Supporting adrenal health

  • Lessening female hormone and menstrual symptoms

  • Relieving headaches and muscle tension

  • Improving blood pressure and flow

  • Enhancing disturbed biological rhythms

  • Promoting calmness

  • Increasing energy

Effective Earthing Tips

Following are some effective tips on Earthing:

  • Walk barefoot in your garden or at a park, even your driveway as concrete surface also transfers the energy of the earth. You can even walk on wet grass, after the rain, as rainwater and dew have an extra boost of energy!

  • Go swimming in lakes, ocean or rivers.

  • Take a nap or read a book under the tree, sitting on the grass.

  • Opt to utilize Earthing tools, like shoes, stickers, pads, and sheets.

Going outside, enjoying nature is indeed a great mood booster. Connecting with the earth can positively impact your mental and physical health without any cost. Indeed, today’s highly competitive world has made our lives busy. There is hardly any time to go and enjoy nature. Fortunately, merely 10 to 20 minutes of Earthing can help you reap major benefits. So, spare some time to create a connection with the earth and enjoy the positive changes it brings for you.

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